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This ship is not to be confused with the Leander-class Neptune; Neptune as it appears in World of Warships was also known as Design Y of the 1944 Cruiser Design. The 1944 New Construction Programme for the Royal Navy called for the building of five, later increased to six new cruisers. Originally, these were to be the design N2 cruiser from 1943, armed with eight 5.25-inch (133mm) guns. Neptune — Britischer Stufe IX Kreuzer.. Ein Entwurf für einen leichten Kreuzer auf Grundlage der im Zweiten Weltkrieg gewonnenen Erfahrungen. Im Vergleich zu vorherigen Schiffsklassen der Royal Navy hatte er größere Ausmaße, Mehrzweckgeschütze, sowie verstärkte Flugabwehr- und Torpedobewaffnung

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  1. Large, well-armored warships brandishing massive, main guns and numerous secondary and defensive AA batteries, battleships are the heaviest, and some of the most powerful ships in the game. They can rain fire upon enemies with impunity due to their long gun ranges, weather more fire than any other class, and their secondary batteries make short work of any smaller ships or aircraft that.
  2. g (BB-32) USS Arkansas (BB-33) USS New York (BB-34) USS Texas (BB-35) USS Nevada (BB-36) Royal Navy. Browse; HMS Indomitable; Saint Andrew-class; HMS Saint Andrew.
  3. Bis zur Neptune habe ich die britischen Kreuzer geliebt, mit ihr habe ich nach ein paar Gefechten völlig die Lust verloren auch nur noch einmal mit diesem Haufen den Hafen zu verlassen. Die Geschosse sind selbst auf 10km ewig unterwegs und wenn sie denn mal ankommen ist das Ziel entweder schon gekillt, oder sie machen nur lächerlich wenig bis keinen Schaden. Ich hatte schon Gefechte mit 400.
  4. I got Neptune, but i didn't get used to the radar play style so i stop playing her, need to re access play style but this going to take long time. I just got the Yamato 2 days ago and wasted all my FreeXP. I need to work my way up the freeXP to get the Musashi later, i also got the FDG, and around 100k more to the GK, i got the Baltimore and wanted to finish this first. Plus from the DoY quest.
  5. Neptune, may refer to a number of sailing ships named for Neptune, the god of freshwater and the sea in Roman mythology: . Neptune (1780 ship), an 809-ton merchantman built in 1779, that was part of the Second Fleet; Neptune (1785 ship), a 218-ton (bm) merchantman built in 1778 in America that made one voyage as a whaler and that was last listed in 1803
  6. The Royal Navy is one of the most famed navys in the entire world. Having the largest fleet at the beginning of WW2, she managed to accomplish this by taking the loosest possible approach to the treaty, and taking full advantage of the grandfathering clause in the Washington Naval Treaty. In the 1920s, the UK underwent a naval boom, starting with the massive Saint Andrew-class and Warrior.

Discussions about Warships ; Cruisers ; British Cruisers ; HMS Neptune Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. You need to play a total of 5 battles to post in this section. HMS Neptune. By Shadowrigger1, November 4, 2016 in British Cruisers. 12 comments in this topic. Recommended Posts. 1,083 [ADR] Shadowrigger1. Members. 4,447 posts. 15,465 battles [ADR] Shadowrigger1 1,083 Captain; Members. The T9 Neptune is a papership that's origins come from the 1944 Cruiser Design Study. She is Design Y and the plans called for a 15,000 ton light cruiser w.. HMS Neptune was a Leander-class light cruiser which served with the Royal Navy during World War II.. Neptune was the fourth ship of its class and was the ninth Royal Navy vessel to carry the name. Built by Portsmouth Dockyard, the vessel was laid down on 24 September 1931, launched on 31 January 1933, and commissioned into the Royal Navy on 12 February 1934 with the pennant number 20 She's bigger, less well armoured and a more obvious target than her predecessor HMS Edinburgh at tier 8, but the tier 9 HMS Neptune still has a few tricks up her sleeve... Get your Jingles loot. HMS Neptune is a Tier 9 Cruiser Light Ship that is obtainable in U.K. Cruiser Tech Tree Line. A light cruiser design created on the basis of experience obtained during World War II. In comparison to previous classes of Royal Navy ships, she had greater dimensions, dual-purpose main guns, and reinforced anti-aircraft and torpedo armament

Neptune-class. Succeeded By. Tiger-class. In Commision. 1945-1986. Planned. 7. Completed. 7. Cancelled. 0. Lost. 2. Dimensions. Length. 645ft. Beam. 75ft. Draft. 24ft. Displacement. 15820 tonnes. Armament. Primary (5x2) 6 in QF Mk V guns. Secondary (8x2) 3 in QF Mk VI AA guns. Torpedos (4x4) 21 in (533 mm) torpedoes. Armor. Belt. 4 in (101 mm) Deck.6 in (16 mm) Barrettes. 2in (51 mm) Turrets. Noch nicht genug von Teamkrado? Hier gibt es alle Links & Infos!! Bock auf Livestreams? Mo,Do,Fr & So ca. 20 Uhr auf Twitch: https://bit.ly. Streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/notser around 17:00 UTC/2:00pm EST Neptune on Warrior's Path moves out to assault the A point for the team. The enemy team..

hey, die mino ist das stärkere schiff von beiden, besserer reload, besserer turmdrehgeschwindigkeit,stärkere aa. ob dir die neptune nun präzizer vorkommt ka, die maximale streuung der mino ist leicht höher was aber wohl nicht ins gewicht fällt bei der feuerrate Neptune was a Bucentaure-class 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy. Built during the last years of the French Revolutionary Wars she was launched at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. Her brief career with the French included several major battles, though she spent the last 12 years of her life under the Spanish flag. Neptune was built at Toulon and launched in 1803. She was. Playing Neptune with HE. She's incredibly strong like this. I wonder why more people don't just play Neptune with HE. Fires abound. Patreon: https://www.patr.. Home. We are a manufacturer of precise and highly detailed shipmodels on the scale of 1:1250. Our largest models are about 8 inches in length 2020 (881) tháng năm 2020 (2) tháng một 2020 (879) 2019 (2200) tháng mười hai 2019 (970) camera iphone 8 plus apk Ora de sanatate - 06.06.2017; camer

Hi, so this is a combination brag thread and some pointers on how to play the Neptune. My Neptune is AA spec - max range of 7.2km (without flags) means that enemies carriers who cant see you sitting in smoke at a cap will fly their planes too close and not immediately know why they are losing pla.. Insgesamt kommt die Neptune auf höhere Schadenswerte als die Mino, wenn man alle Flak-Geschütze berücksichtigt (532,6 bei der Neptune gegen 494,2 bei der Mino, ohne Skill/Modul). Wenn man allerdings die Reichweite der Geschütze mit einberechnet, sieht man, dass ein großer Teil der AA-DPS bei der Neptune auf einer Reichweite von 3,51km liegt (mit AFT und Reichweiten-Mod auf 5,1km). Bei der.

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