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Click to learn about new zealand Find Top Deals on Vacation Packages. Book with Confidence! Easily Price-Shop Vacation Packages. Confident Travel Starts at KAYAK® ED´s is your one stop shop to buy a Campervan or Car for your New Zealand adventures. For over 12 years Edgar has been supplying reliable and safe campervans (self-contained and non self-contained), station wagons and cars to backpackers, working holiday makers, students and other travellers to New Zealand. He is a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer (M392528). Vehicles for sale include: Certified.

Buying a Car in New Zealand; Buying Your Own Camper Van; Driving in New Zealand; Our Guide To Contiki Tours; Our Guide to Flying Kiwi ; Our Guide To G Adventures; Rental Cars in New Zealand; Where to Buy Campervans; Where to Take Your Camper; Campervan Rental Companies; Which Tour Operator Should You Choose; activities. Explore by Type; Bungy (7) Tandem Skydiving (9) Jet Boating (12) White. Self Contained Certified Motorhomes & Campers The ultimate travel mobiles which have self contained certification which means you can sleep in many wilderness DOC campsites and other rural areas. The major bonus of a self-contained camper is that you will be able to legally stay at hundreds of designated free spots and public land sites which those without self-contained facilities can't Self-contained campervans are more environmentally friendly than your average campervan by storing freshwater and wastewater. Therefore, New Zealand rewards you with more campsite options that only allow self-contained vehicles, as well as the option to camp on public land where permitted. This article will tell you what you need to know about. OK, now, we have to get a little bit serious here - our beautiful New Zealand countryside, the same countryside you have saved up your hard earned cash to come and enjoy is sadly being despoiled by some irresponsible campers - whether they be in self-contained or standard campervans - so here is a little bit about that:. Whilst a certified self-contained campervan may provide you with.

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For more information check out the following post: Self-Contained Campervans in New Zealand. Note: If you are planning on selling your campervan during peak season the return will be proportionally similar to what you invested. 2. Spend Some Time Looking for the Perfect Car Before You Arrive in New Zealand . New Zealand has a few number of websites that take the hassle out of buying a car. Certified self-containment is maintaining and certifying your motor caravan or caravan in accordance with the New Zealand Standard for Self-Containment of Motor Caravans and Caravans, NZS 5465:2001 (PDF download at the bottom of the page).. The NZMCA encourages all motor caravan or caravan owners (including 5th Wheelers, caravans, campervans, motorhomes, RVs & buses), to certify their vehicles. Happy Campers has been working hard to keep our vehicles up to date with the demands of the modern day traveller. We have been modifying the vehicles to make them Certified Fully Self Contained which allows you more flexibility on where you can camp in New Zealand TOP TIPS FOR BUYING A CAMPERVAN IN NEW ZEALAND. Give yourself at least two weeks to find the perfect van. You can look at ads online for before arriving and could even book in some viewings, but you obviously won't be able to see any vehicles until you arrive. We were planning to find something in 3-4 days and be off on our travels. We arrived at the peak selling season, so there was A LOT. Welcome to Self-Contained New Zealand (SCNZ) home of everything self contained. From self-containment testing to water storage tanks we have everything including the kitchen sink! Skip to content Search. Home Book a test Shop Self-containment kits Campervan Self Containment Kit Rollaway tank conversion kit UK Import Caravan Conversion Kit Evacuation Hose Kits Plumbing Sinks Waste plumbing kits.

Getting a campervan in New Zealand certified self-contained can be challenging and downright confusing. After getting my own van self-contained, I realized it didn't have to be this way and instead it was actually quite easy once it was explained to me properly. So in this post, I will outline all the things you need to get self-contained certified in a few simple and easy steps! *This guide. New Zealand Self-Contained Campervan Requirements: The campervan can contain water for up to 3 days; At least 12L fresh water tank; Gray waste water tank: 12L per person for 3 days ; Evacuation hose; Rubbish bin with lid; Toliet: fixed or not fixed ; Self-contained campervans will ALWAYS be more expensive to maintain/rent/buy. It is possible (and common) to buy a non-self contained basic. Buying a Campervan in New Zealand: Should Your Camper be Self-Contained, Certified Self-Contained, or Non Self-Contained? This is a really important question to ask yourself when you're thinking about buying a campervan in New Zealand.. Your campervan's status of being self-contained or non self- contained determines how easy it'll be for you to find designated campsites each night Campervan New Zealand / Buy and Sell / FR-EN has 7,221 members. Buy and Sell Grou

Explore New Zealand with your very own self-contained campervan. Buy a budget-friendly campervan in Auckland from Elements Motors and explore NZ in the most flexible way.. There are so many campervan rentals in New Zealand, choosing one can give you a headache. We've breaking down all the important things you need to look for to find the best campervan hire for your New Zealand road trip. We're even sharing exactly which companies we recommend

Best of luck, pals. If this post still hasn't convinced you to splurge for a pre-certified self contained campervan in New Zealand, you must be as poor as we are, and we salute you. Also, Backpacker Guide does a solid job updating their site with the newest regulations for the NZ self containment process, so be sure to keep on eye on their site for the latest info. KEEP READING. 37 Comments. The Best-value Campervan Rentals in New Zealand. When looking for a road trip vessel to explore New Zealand, you might not necessarily want the cheapest (and less reliable) option, nor the super expensive option. That's why we've put together this list of the more affordable campervan rentals in New Zealand. These are the mid-range campervan rental companies offering a comfortable ride.

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  1. Britz New Zealand is perfect for every adventure or family getaway. Plenty of space for your parents, your kids, and even your dog. As well as your favourite bike, cricket bat, and cook book. Don't miss your chance to get moving and see New Zealand like never before, in a Britz campervan
  2. Maui is an experienced and trusted campervan hire brand in New Zealand and we have delivered great self-drive holidays for more than 25 years. We are focused on our continual quest for design enhancement and innovation to ensure our travellers, just like you, experience the very best in campervan holidays with our stylish interiors and spacious design right down to our warm personalised service
  3. There are very few motorways in New Zealand. All travel is on good quality single lane roads with dual carriageways for over-taking. Allow plenty of time for your road trip. There are many campsites. Try to use them whenever you can. New Zealand has a policy of self-contained campervans and motorhomes and these are permitted to free camp in.
  4. This campervan will enable you to stay wherever you want and for as long as you want. It is designed for true independence off the grid. This vehicle is certified self contained in accordance with New Zealand Standard 5465:2001. FEATURES. Internal walk through to cab; Rear doors open 270° 4 Seats in close vicinity; Pull-out pantry; 3 Burner.
  5. Camping in New Zealand; Remember: do not camp on private land; do not leave behind rubbish or toilet waste; use public toilets if you do not have a self-contained vehicle. Reporting problem campers. For non-urgent matters, such as camping in prohibited areas or dumping rubbish, contact the local council office. Find a council office. Sign
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We have the best campervan New Zealand deals. Our campervans are all factory built, purpose built for you to rent. They are reliable and functional, there's plenty of space and are about the smallest vehicle that can truly to be called a campervan. We have everything starting from a budget 2-berth vans up to a budget premium 3-berth campervans Hiring a campervan or motorhome in New Zealand. Campervans and motorhomes are available for pick up from New Zealand's main centres. Some companies will offer flexible pick up and drop off options, allowing you to travel from one point to another instead of a round trip. Motorhomes are larger vehicles that have more generous living areas. Some. FOR SALE $5500 (NZD) or best offer: Self-Contained Toyota Estima Camper Van for freedom camping in New Zealand with unique, professionally built interior, lo..

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  1. Exploring New Zealand in a campervan is the most flexible way to visit remote places that aren't usually included on a bus tour itinerary. But a lot of travellers can get confused about the differences in self-contained campervan versus non-self-contained. Here's what you need to know about the two types of vehicles and how to save money on.
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