Plos one impact factor 2022

Part 1 - Editing and Publishing in PLoS One Journal

How to Find the Impact Factor for a Journal

  1. How Open-Access Journals Are Transforming Science
  2. 9 Responsible Decisions That Secretly Waste Your Money
  3. What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?
  4. John Ioannidis - Dealing with COVID-19: models, evidence, risk and choosing the best interventions
  5. How to Write a Paper in a Weekend (By Prof. Pete Carr)

Is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Reversible with Diet?

  1. How to Prepare Research Paper for Publication in MS Word (Easy)
  2. Why Are You Single?
  3. What If You Only Drank Energy Drinks?

How Bad Was The Younger Dryas? Causes-Megafauna-Civilization

  1. The Science of Racism | Creators for Change
  2. How to Read a Paper Efficiently (By Prof. Pete Carr)
  3. How to Write a Literature Review
  4. Why You Probably Can't Predict Your Own Happiness
PLoS ONE | RG Journal Impact Rankings 2017 and 2018The Rise and Fall of PLOS ONE's Impact Factor (2012 = 3Manuscripts - The Med Writers - Medical Writing ServicesWhy Cannabis Chemotyping Matters - Terpenes and TestingDrDr Fiona M Underwood, BSc, MSc, PhD - Independent(PDF) Impact of the serum albumin level on acute kidneyBhumika Bhatt – On Retractions in Biomedical LiteratureHic-5 regulates induction of α-SMA in response to TGF-β
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